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Youth Volunteers

Youth Volunteers

Interested in volunteering, but under the age of 18? We offer several options for students under the age of 18 to become involved with the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA). Explore the following opportunities!

Looking to earn student service learning (SSL) hours? Carefully follow the SSL instructions below.

  • Learn about our humane education programs, which encourage students to speak up for animals rather than accept the role of passive observers. The program empowers children to do good, but also puts them on a path to becoming more thoughtful, empathetic, civic-minded citizens.
  • Middle and high school students may register for Students demonstrating Passion, Engagement, Advocacy, & Kindness (SPEAK), a unique program, developed specifically for teens who care about animals. SPEAK introduces students to those working in animal welfare and provides opportunities for exploration, fact-finding, and brain-storming. This is a virtual experience that brings animals to you, up-close on your computer screen. Students who complete the series of workshops become more aware of HRA’s role in the community and are more confident in their roles as animal advocates, ready and able to speak up for animals.
  • HRA’s Junior Volunteer Program is on hold. However, students interested in helping HRA help the animals may want to complete one of the enrichment projects outlined on the youth volunteer page. Instructions on how to receive Service Learning credit for those projects are detailed at the bottom of that page.
  • Complete a volunteer project at home.  Help us provide comfort and entertain the many animals in our care.
  • Host a supply drive. Schools, teams, and organizations are welcome to host supply drives for HRA.  Items may be purchased directly from our Amazon wish list and delivered to HRA. Get creative when planning your supply drive marketing and advertising strategy!  
  • Go on a scavenger hunt. Many items on our wish list can also be found in your cabinets and closets at home.  We accept such things as gently worn towels and blankets, unopened cat and dog food, and unopened jars of, creamy peanut butter and canned pumpkin!

To Receive Student Service Learning (SSL) Credit

HRA offers SSL credit for time spent in the SPEAK program, completing a listed volunteer project, or coordinating a supply drive (be sure to keep track of your time!).

SPEAK participants may email their completed SSL paperwork to Debbie Duel at [email protected] for a supervisor’s signature To receive credit for a volunteer project or supply drive, please follow the steps below:

  • Obtain SSL paperwork from your school.
  • Closely follow the linked instructions:
  • Keep an accurate log of your time.
  • Complete your SSL paperwork leaving only the signature blank (our Tax ID is 53-0219724).
  • At this time we are only accepting unopened food and bedding.
  • Deliver your items to HRA’s Oglethorpe location Tuesday- Sunday, 12 – 6 p.m.
  • Ring the bell and wait for an attendant to come to the door. Please do not leave items outside of the shelter. Take a picture of your items before submitting them to HRA. Snapping a photo in front of the building is great.
  • Email the photo of your items and form (pdf preferred) to [email protected].
  • The volunteer team will email you back with the completed form once they have confirmed your special delivery!

In order to ensure delivered items are safe for our animals, we are only able to sign off on time spent collecting the items listed on our wish lists or volunteer projects completed according to instructions.  

Have another project in mind? Email [email protected] with your idea! 

Because our volunteers do so many tasks independently, we are not able to sign court-ordered documents that attest to our direct supervision.

Thank you!

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