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Wildlife Resources

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Helpful products to reduce wildlife conflicts

  • Washington, D.C. is home to a variety of wildlife, including the black bear. Review these important bear encounter guidlines.
  • One-Way Doors: When animals have entered a building through a hole in the wall, siding, or roof, the door allows animals to exit the damaged area without the ability to re-enter.
  • Bat Cone: Similar to a one-way door, the bat cone allows bats and squirrels to exit through the cone and not be able to re-enter.
  • Liquid Fence: Scent and taste deterrent geared towards deer and their foraging techniques, but also useful for other species.
  • Critter Ridder: Scent and taste deterrent geared towards small mammals.
  • Scarecrow: motion-activated sprinkler that frightens any animals within its perimeter with a burst of water.
  • Chimney and vent covers for blocking potentially wildlife-accessible entrances into your home.

HRA receives no benefit for recommending these products; we do so because they have proven to work time and time again.

For information on Wildlife Rehabilitation:

  • City Wildlife: Washington, D.C.’s wildlife rehabilitation facility

Government agencies regulating wildlife:

To learn more about Rabies, visit:

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