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Activities to Benefit Your Pets (or HRA)

Thank you for your interest in completing a project that can benefit your pet or even the animals at HRA. We will be happy to receive any homemade donations (or collected items) once we resume normal business hours after the current Coronavirus situation is over. Currently, our adoption centers are closed for visitors. However, you can complete many of the projects below or collect things for the adoption center and drop them off once we resume normal activities. And, if you live with a cat, dog, or small animal, you can make toys or even a bed for them, too.


Click the title of each project below for step-by-step instructions.


No-sew blankets are easy to make and they keep our dogs and cats comfy and warm during their stay with us. You can make small ones for the cats and bigger ones for the dogs. 


Dog rope toys are great for heavy chewers and for the dogs to play with while they wait to be adopted. Made from any old t-shirt and a tennis ball, these toys are interactive, durable, and machine washable.  Please be sure to make the braids nice and tight! 


Use the t-shirt scraps leftover from making the dog throw and tug toys to make these huggable toys our cats lick, kick, and enjoy for countless hours.  Catnip toys enrich the lives of the cats at our adoption centers. 


It is no secret that dogs and cats have an amazing sense of smell and they want to use it!  These interactive mats allow our animals to sniff out hidden treats. Fun challenges like snuffle mats help keep our animals happy and engaged while in our care and, therefore, at their most adoptable. It’s so much more rewarding to hunt for your snack first! 


This project requires sharp tools and materials—not recommended for small children.

This project may take a few more supplies and a little more skill to make, but the payoff is huge. Cats love these simple toys made of wire and twists of paper!  The movement of the pieces of paper at the end of a wire attracts a cat's attention and awakens their natural instinct to hunt. Once caught and released, the paper springs back and bounces around erratically on the wire mimicking prey and making for hours of self-sustaining entertainment.

Homemade Treats for your Pets

Many people are cooking and baking right now since we're all spending time at home. Consider making some of the treats below for your pets.

Send Something Special to the Animals at HRA

Visit our wish list and ship items directly to us by selecting our gift address at checkout! There are different lists depending on which area of our operations you would like to support. They are all extremely helpful to supporting the care of HRA animals. Thank you!

Collect These Items

Toilet paper and paper towel cardboard tubes

Don't throw away the tubes once the toilet paper and paper towels are gone. They make great small animal toys. Stuff them with vegetables for your bunnies and guinea pigs or give them to your gerbils and hampsters for chew toys. Cats and dogs can pay with cardboard tubes, too. Hude a few pieces of kibble in a tube, close the ends and watch your pets break through the tube to find the treat.

If you have a place to store these tubes, collect them for the adoption center animals. We will accept them at one of our adoption centers once we're accepting visitors again.

Towels and Blankets

We always need towels and blankets at the adoption centers. While we are not accepting them right now we will once we resume regular business hours. If spring cleaning is going on in your home during the quarantine, don't throw out those extra items. Put them aside for the animals at HRA.

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