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DC Animal Health Fairs - Free Pet Vaccinations

Free pet vaccinations will be available for DC residents at the DC Animal Health Fairs sponsored by the DC Department of Health throughout September and October. No appointments are needed. DC Dog Licenses will be available for purchase at the event. DC dog licenses are $15 for altered dogs/$50 for unaltered dogs. Payment must be by credit/debit card. Information about programs and services for DC animals and their humans will also be available.

Time: 10 am - 12:30 pm
Vaccines Offered: Rabies, Distemper

Please Note:

  • Dogs must be securely leashed (no more than 4 ft).
  • Cats must be in a secure carrier.
  • All animals must be handled by a responsible adult.
  • Dogs and cats over 4 months old are required by law to be vaccinated against rabies and distemper (free at this event).
  • Dogs are required to be registered in DC and must display their license tag on their collar.
September 10 Ward 4

Lorenzo Larry Allen Memorial Park
5101 9th Street NW (9th & Gallatin)
September 17 Ward 5

N Michigan Park
1333 Emerson Street NE
September 24 Ward 8

Oxon Run Park
4500 First Street SE
October 8  Ward 1

Bruce Monroe Park
3012 Georgia Avenue NW
October 15 Ward 6

Lansburgh Park
1098 Delaware Avenue SW
October 22 Ward 2

Rose Park Recreation Center
2609 Dumbarton Street NW
October 29 Ward 3

Guy Mason Recreation Center
3600 Calvert Street NW
November 7 Ward 7

Kenilworth Recreation Center
4321 Ord Street NE

Vaccine Clinics for Dogs and Cats 

The Medical Center, located at 71 Oglethorpe St. NW, is currently offering vaccines and preventatives, giving pet owners an opportunity to have their pets vaccinated without the additional cost of a vet exam.  

Vaccines are available by appointment only. Dogs must be on a leash and cats must be in a carrier. 

Walk-in clients will not be seen but may be able to make an appointment for a future date.

The clinic may close due to bad weather or travel conditions. Check the website for closure information. 

Dogs Cats
Rabies  $15 Rabies  $15
DAPP  $15 FVRCP  $15
Bordetella  $15 Dewormer  $10
Dewormer  $10 Flea/Tick Preventative  $10 per dose
Flea/Tick Preventative  $10 per dose Microchip  $15
Heartworm Test  $15  
Heartworm Preventative  $10 per dose  
Microchip  $15

We accept all major credit/debit cards or cash (exact amount only, we cannot make change). We do not accept checks or Care Credit at the vaccine clinic. 

Schedule an Appointment Online

Online appointments are available for vaccines and preventatives only. Our appointment calendar opens three weeks ahead of time. Slots fill up quickly. If you don’t see openings, please check back. 

You are signing up for a check-in time. You will be seen as soon as possible, based on arrival time, check-in time and the patient flow directed by the doctor. Hard to handle, reactive or special needs pets may be prioritized. 

Clinics are held on the following days/times:

Wednesday and Thursday: 3 pm - 7 pm
Saturday*: 9 am - 12 pm

*NOTE: The vaccine clinic will be CLOSED on Saturdays in September and October for the DC Animal Health Fairs. For more information on free pet vaccinations at the DC Animal Health Fairs, click here.

To help the clinic run smoothly, please follow these guidelines when booking appointments: 

  • Maximum of three pets per family.
  • If your dog needs a heartworm test, you must make an appointment before 6:30 PM on Wednesday or Thursday, and before 11:30 AM on Saturday. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call 202-723-5730, ext. 205 or email [email protected] to reschedule or cancel so we can fill the slot.  


When creating a password the system requires one uppercase, one lowercase, and one number.

Reset Password

If your cell number or email has been used for an account with Humane Rescue Alliance Vaccine Clinic, use the “reset password” link to set up the password you will use to schedule appointments. If you are having issues your first time logging in, please watch this video: Tutorial Video.

Phone Number is Key

If you are not sure which email you have on file with Humane Rescue Alliance Vaccine Clinic, please use your phone number (without hyphens/dashes) for your first password reset and log into your account. Please write down your password as you will need it to schedule future appointments.

Please Note:

  • It may take up to 90 seconds to create the appointment as the scheduler updates our system.
  • You will receive an email and/or text message when an appointment is successfully created.
  • We currently offer vaccines on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The schedule opens three weeks ahead.
  • Not finding available appointments? Make sure you have added or selected a pet. If you are still not seeing available appointments, we are likely full for the next three weeks.
  • Please check back for cancellations, we open up any slots that become available closer to the clinic dates.
  • If you do not receive an email confirmation or are unable to create an appointment, please call 202-723-5730, ext. 205 or email [email protected].


We are completely booked through Saturday, October 8, please check back for cancellations online. Time slots are only available three weeks ahead of time. New slots will be available soon:

  • Slots for Wednesday, October 12 open on Thursday, September 22.
  • Slots for Thursday, October 13 open on Friday, September 23.

If you don't see available times before Saturday, October 15, it means we are full and you will need to check next week for future slots:

  • Slots for Wednesday, October 19 open on Thursday, September 29.
  • Slots for Thursday, October 20 open on Friday, September 30.

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