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Trainings & Webinars

Check back weekly for trainings and resources from fellow practitioners, as well as regional and national experts. Have ideas for topics you'd like covered? Email [email protected]


Webinar: Saving Lives Through Transport

Colleen Harrington, WayStation program director at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center, and Tessa Yu, transport and rescue manager at the Humane Rescue Alliance, discuss how transport programs are creating a safety net for shelters across the county and their process for how your organization can launch a transport program.

Colleen and Tessa also tackle questions about how to safely transport during COVID-19 and strategies to help set your organization up for success, while keep your people and animals safe.

FAQs Answered in this Webinar

  • What are the benefits of a successful transport program?
  • How do you transport during COVID-19?
  • What tools and resources does my shelter need to get started?
  • What are the costs associated with transport?
  • How does my shelter or agency begin developing partnerships with other organizations?

Additional Resources


at Thursday, May 21

Webinar: Crafting Grant Proposals—Best Practices & Strategies

Katie Rotramel of the Humane Rescue Alliance and Whitney Brimfield of Spark Point Fundraising talk about Grant Writing 101. This webinar is great for folks who may be new to writing grant proposals and feel nervous or overwhelmed by the process.

Katie and Whitney will tackle the foundation fundraising cycle, grant writing basics, and give tips and insight on best practices and strategies to help set your organization up for success.

FAQs Answered in this Webinar:

  • Are all grant requirements the same?
  • What happens if you are not able to use the grant money that is given to you? Can it be allocated for something else?
  • Is there somewhere that folks can find a list of current available grants?
  • What is the easiest way to search for available grants?
  • What can you do to get grants if you are not eligible because you are a government run shelter?

Additional Resources

  • Foundation Directory Online: There is a free version and a paid version, but you can access the paid version for free at libraries across the country. To find a location near you, check here.
  • Grant Station
  • Grants.gov (for federal funds)
  • Philanthropy News Digest: This is a newsletter you can sign up for and also a website with news about philanthropy and often includes grant announcements.
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy: This is a subscription newspaper, but there is also an online version and some articles are free. It has helpful background information on the foundation world, and they also have grant listings.
  • Download full presentation (PDF)

at Wednesday, May 6

Webinar: Moving to Virtual Adoptions

HRA's Jennah Billeter (director of foster programs), Ashley Valm (director of adoptions), and Dani Rizzo (digital director) talk about how to establish a virtual adoption process, as well as how to communicate that change effectively to your community.

Virtual Adoption Resources

Posted by Dani Rizzo at Tuesday, Apr 21

Foster On Deck - It Really Works!

If you’re interested in developing a tool kit for your organization that includes capturing information about what animals need foster placement, what people are available to help them, and who’s been matched with which animals, we have a tool kit for you. Read more from Jennah Billeter, HRA's director of foster programs at American Pet's Alive!


Posted by Dani Rizzo at Sunday, Apr 19

Preventing and Treating Your Dogs Separation Anxiety

COVID-19: The Time is Now to Teach Your Dog to Live Well When Alone

Join the Humane Rescue Alliance and Tracy Krulik for information on how to prevent and treat separation distress during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Posted by Dani Rizzo at Saturday, Apr 18

Webinar: Building a Neo-Natal Kitten Foster Program

HRA's director of foster and volunteer resources Jennah Billeter breaks down how to start a foster program for neonatal kittens and how such a program can save so many lives. It's not as overwhelming as you may think!

Posted by Dani Rizzo at Friday, Apr 17

Webinar: Just Because I'm Roaming Doesn't Mean I'm Lost

HRA's director of regional outreach Alice Burton offers tips and talking points about community cats, kittens, and how to work with the public when they call about stray cats.

Posted by Dani Rizzo at Monday, Apr 13

Animal Photography 101

Have you ever tried to get the purrfect shot of your foster or adoptable animal? Learn how to capture their personality and help get them adopted with these tips.

Posted by Dani Rizzo at Wednesday, Apr 1

Cat Behavior

Posted by Dani Rizzo at Tuesday, Mar 31