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Teenage Ambassadors In Leadership and Service
Humane Rescue Alliance TAILS

High school freshmen and sophomores interested in helping HRA help the animals are invited to participate in TAILS (Teenage Ambassadors in Leadership and Service). During a series of three, 90 minute workshops, students will learn about HRA and explore ways to help the animals through a variety of projects that may include promoting adoptions through social media and other means, creating fund-raising opportunities and awareness campaigns, and providing program support. In addition, participants will help HRA help the animals by preparing weekly enrichment items for the animals housed in the shelter. While there are no hands-on animal interactions during TAILS, students who complete the program become more confident animal advocates ready and able to speak up for animals and help them in myriad ways.

No TAILS workshops are currently scheduled. Check back in August to register for fall 2020 TAILS workshops.


  • High school freshman and sophomores are eligible to participate in the TAILS program.
  • TAILS participants attend a series of three, 90-minutes sessions. Each session highlights HRA programs and services and provides an opportunity for participants to complete an enrichment project for shelter animals.

We are happy to sign service learning paperwork; however it is the student's responsibility to check with the school to make sure service with HRA meets the student's school's service learning requirements.


  • Why do animal shelters exist?
  • Animal Adoptions – processes and procedures.
  • Humane Law Enforcement and Field Services – know who to call and when
  • Advocacy - employ social media to promote adoptions and services to maximize the impact
  • Humane Education – promote empathy in the classroom
  • Community support programs – HOPE, CatNiPP, MART, Vaccine Clinic, Spay/Neuter. True to its mission, the Humane Rescue Alliance protects animals, supports families, and advocates for positive change to create a world where all animals can thrive. We enrich the humanity of our communities by promoting compassion and encouraging people to find joy, comfort, and companionship through the love and appreciation of animals.


  • Understand the importance in engaging animals in various ways and learn how to prepare a variety of enrichment toys, treats, and puzzles.
  • Build leadership skills through designing, creating, and implementing projects that highlight HRA's many programs and services.
  • Meet other young people who are passionate about helping animals.
  • Complete outside assignments.


No TAILS workshops are currently scheduled. Check back in August to register for fall 2020 TAILS workshops.

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