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Special Funds

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Humane Rescue Alliance

Gifts can be designated to one of our special purpose funds listed below.

The Fund to Combat Cruelty in memory of Sophie Abrahams and Robby Watts

This named fund, honoring canines Sophie Abrahams (an amazing Kerry Blue Terrier whose beautiful soul was adored by her owners Jessica Abrahams, Chris Fleming, and her three canine sisters) and Robby Watts (beloved dog of Jane Halpern and Warren Watts), supports the efforts of our Humane Law Enforcement team to investigate abuse, prosecute the offenders, save animals in danger and fight animal cruelty. HRA's Humane Law Enforcement department investigates more than 1,500 complaints of animal cruelty each year, responding to reports of abuse and neglect 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Safe Haven Fund

Contributions to this fund help HRA provide a safe place for the beloved pets of domestic violence victims who are seeking to escape tough situations and rebuild their lives. By offering free housing in a safe environment for these animals, we give the pet's guardian a chance to find the help they desperately need. HRA's Safe Haven is the only program of its kind in Washington, DC.

Sophie's Fund for Emergency Medical Care

Contributions to this fund, which is a temporarily restricted fund*, will be used to provide special medical attention to the animals in our care.

Justice Fund

When abuse is found or reported to us and the assailant is unknown, HRA may offer a reward in the hopes of finding these abusers.  The Humane Law Enforcement Program maintains this temporarily restricted fund* from which rewards are offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of animal abusers.

Canine Companion Fund

This fund will be used to promote the welfare of adoptable and potentially adoptable dogs in the District of Columbia. Donations made to this fund will allow us to eliminate abuse and neglect, end overpopulation and do more for dogs in need of medical attention and behavioral training.

Ann Brody Cove Fund

Donations to this fund will be used to provide low-cost and free medical care in our Medical Center to families in need of financial assistance. This service keeps pets in the loving homes where they belong, while keeping space free in our Adoption Centers for pets who are truly homeless.


Permanent Endowments

HRA also has several permanent endowments. The income generated by these endowments is used for animal needs, both general and specific. Contributions may be made to any of the following funds:

General Endowment

Gifts may be made to this permanent endowment that supports all programs and services provided by the Humane Rescue Alliance.

Feline Friends Fund to Save Cats

HRA will use these funds to address the problem of cat overpopulation, eliminate the abuse and neglect of cats, and promote increased adoption of cats through existing programs such as our spay/neuter program, adoptions program, outreach and humane education programs, and by creating new programs to address specific issues. Resources from this fund will not be used for euthanasia.

William Blair, III Fund for Humane Law Enforcement

The income generated from this permanent endowment is used exclusively to support our Humane Law Enforcement program.



If you would like more information, or wish to speak to us about designating your gift, please contact our Development Department, at 202-375-7745 or [email protected].

*Temporarily Restricted – contributions to this fund will be segregated from general donations and will only be used for the specific purpose stated as organizational needs determine and the funds are released from restriction.

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