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Are the numbers of rabbits increasing in DC?

The District is home to Eastern Cottontail rabbits that sometimes make their homes or forage for food in our yards. They are timid and rarely pose a danger to humans or pets. Rabbits tend to have several litters a year of babies. Humane Rescue Alliance has not seen an increase in the number of rabbits in the district but we do receive an increase in calls in the spring and summer. The calls are usually about rabbits in yards, in multiples. We have found that most callers have an abundance of clover and other favored plants that draw the rabbits into their yards. Nature tends to do a good job at balancing populations in wildlife and rabbits happen to be a food source for some of our hunter species found in the city.

Fencing any area you would like to keep rabbits from getting into with a wire fence that extends a foot out to keep rabbits from getting under. You should also be sure you are not fencing the animals into the space you are trying to keep them out of.


If a wild animal is in need, danger or you believe it is rabid, immediately call us at 202-723-5730.

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