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Private Sessions

Private Sessions


HRA Recommended Local Trainers

You can learn more about our recommended private trainers and access their websites by clicking on the individual private trainer links below. 

Working one-on-one with one of HRA’s recommended trainers will allow you and your dog or cat to accomplish your goals more quickly because the session is custom-designed to fit your individual needs. Private sessions are also a good starting place when dealing with any type of aggression.

Our recommended trainers are highly experienced, skilled, and educated in working with dogs and cats from a variety of breed and behavioral backgrounds.  We also understand that training is as much about the person as the animal, and our recommended trainers provide excellent instruction and support. We can help you address any of the following issues including:

  • Obedience and tricks training
  • House training, litter box issues, and good manners inside and outside the home
  • Preparation for a new baby or other life change
  • Unpleasant or unmanageable behavior toward other animals in specific situations
  • Unpleasant or unmanageable behavior toward people in specific situations
  • Fear and shyness


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For more information, contact the Behavior and Training Office at [email protected] or 202-375-7744.





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