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Fighting Prince George's County Pit Bull Ban

Group of people protesting Prince George's County pit bull ban

Help Keep Families Together: Repeal the Prince George’s County Pit Bull Ban  

Thousands of families have been unnecessarily broken apart by the law in Prince George’s County, Maryland, that bans residents from owning pit bull-type dogs. 

Prince George’s County residents: a window of opportunity has opened to make your voice heard in the fight to repeal the cruel and ineffective ban on pit bull-type dogs.

We need your help to repeal the ban by urging the Prince George’s County Council that enough is enough and it’s time to prioritize keeping families safe from truly dangerous dogs instead of targeting dogs based on how they look. 

Two women with posters advocating against the pit bull ban in PG County Man with a sign that says pit bulls are people's pals too

How You Can Help

If you live in Prince George's County:

Councilmembers are motivated by hearing directly from the community members that they represent because they are the ones who will be directly impacted by the decisions they make  

If you live in Prince George’s County, find your councilmember and ask them to take action during this legislative session to repeal the ban on owning pit bull-type dogs and bring the treatment of pit bulls in line with every other dog in the county. You can say: 

"As a citizen of Prince George’s County, I want my county government to focus on keeping the community safe from truly dangerous dogs, not spending taxpayer dollars separating families from dogs who have done nothing except look a certain way. Please take emergency action this session to repeal the pit bull ban." 

If you don't live in Prince George’s County, but want to help:

The best thing you can do is encourage people who live in Prince George’s County to take action. Elected officials want to hear directly from their constituents because they are the ones who will be impacted by their decisions. If they receive too many messages from people who live outside of the county, it may dilute the message of constituents and have the opposite of the intended impact by making it seem like the issue is being pushed by outside interests. For these reasons, the most effective way to help if you do not live in Prince George’s County is to spread the word!   

If you have been personally impacted by the Prince George’s County pit bull ban and are interested in sharing your story to help repeal the breed ban, please email us at [email protected].

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