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Stephanie Shain

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie Shain joined the Washington Humane Society in September 2010 as Chief Operating Officer and continues in that role for the Humane Rescue Alliance. As EVP/COO, Stephanie oversees all areas of HRA that provide direct care to animals, regional outreach programs that bring shelters together for learning and growth, organizational communications to share the work of HRA externally, including throughout the animal welfare industry, oversees strategic planning and management processes, shepherds mergers and acquisitions, and leads the culture-focused work and human resources program that are core to HRA’s success.

As part of the direct animal care work, Stephanie leads lifesaving teams that provide care to animals from arrival at HRA to adoption and beyond, in the field through wildlife care and rescue, animal control and humane law enforcement, community-based programs that provide critical support that help keep pets and their people together, crisis intervention programs from lost pets to assisting victims of domestic violence with their pet needs, and programs that keep animals in their homes such as behavior assistance and subsidized medical services.

Prior to joining the HRA team, Stephanie was a Senior Director at The Humane Society of the United States where she created and built HSUS's Stop Puppy Mills Campaign into one of the organizations top campaign focuses, coordinate efforts including investigations, legislative actions, public education, and coordination with law enforcement to rescue animals from puppy mills, and served as one of the organization’s primary media spokespersons.
She continues as an outspoken advocate for animal welfare and is regularly sought as a speaker for conferences and to assist other organizations as they expand their scope and work to improve their own operations.

From 1995-2000, Shain was a program manager and lobbyist for the American Anti-Vivisection Society. Stephanie worked within the shelter, veterinary, and education arenas to help companion, wild, and farmed animals.