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A bird has flown into my home!

Limit the birds access by closing it into a single location, like a bedroom or bathroom, if at all possible. Open any windows or doors that lead to the outside as well as turn off all the lights inside the home. Birds are drawn to the light, eliminating any other light sources will encourage the bird to fly towards the light coming from the windows or door way. If the bird is unable to find it’s way out please call us at 202-723-5730.

Can I remove or pay to have someone remove a nest from my porch?

We have hundreds of birds that pass through the District. The majority of the birds you see are protected by the Migratory Bird Act. The act prohibits touching, causing harm, or transporting protected birds. Some species of birds nest or lay their eggs in the same area year after year. If you have a nest with eggs it may be against federal law to tamper with, move or destroy the nest. Once the nest is empty, they can be removed.

Before the birds nest in an area they are not wanted in, deterrents can be placed where the birds are seen.

  • Mylar strips are made specifically to discourage birds and can be hung virtually anywhere.
  • Balloons/balls with predatory eyes that are made to mimic birds of prey and move with the wind.
  • Plastic birds of prey, but if they are stationary the birds will learn they are not a threat and ignore the decoy.
  • Windsocks, mobiles, and motion-activated decorations can also be used in areas the birds are inclined to nest.


If a wild animal is in need, danger or you believe it is rabid, immediately call us at 202-723-5730.

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