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I see a fox and I live in the city, why is it here?

Foxes are very shy and are not routinely seen, but it is not unheard of to see them throughout the city, oftentimes searching for food. Fox prey on small animals like mice, rats rabbits, frogs and snakes.


There is a fox missing hair, how can I help him?

Foxes can become affected by mange, which is caused by a mite that burrows in the skin. The mite infection causes itching, making the fox scratch themselves raw sometimes so that they are hairless and appear crusty. Foxes that have mange can become dehydrated and emaciated


There is a fox out during the day, is it rabid?

It is not abnormal to see a fox out during the day in the spring or summer months. This is the time mothers are out on the hunt to feed her young. If the fox appears to have lost coordination, is unable to walk a straight line, approaches people and does not show fear please call Humane Rescue Alliance immediately at 202-723-5730, these behaviors could be signs of a rabies infection.


If a wild animal is in need, danger or you believe it is rabid, immediately call us at 202-723-5730.

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