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Medical Care

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Medical Care

Is it an Emergency?

If the animal seems lethargic, unable to walk, has abnormal twitching, breathing heavily or labored, has excessive vomiting or diarrhea, vomiting yellow, or is bleeding from anywhere, it is an emergency.

What to Do in a Medical Emergency

First, look for a telemedicine appointment on the online appointment scheduler (your case manager can provide you with this link). If there is not one available or your issue cannot wait until the next available appointment, call the New York Avenue Front Desk at 202-723-5730. There is a veterinarian on call 24 hours a day for emergencies. The front desk staff will triage the issue with them and get back to you with the next steps. 

Medical Foster Appointment System

We've created a convenient way to schedule medical appointments for your foster animal online. Use the foster appointment system to schedule regular vaccinations, and appointments in the event of illness.  Your case manager can provide you with a link to schedule medical appointments. You can also find the link on the quick reference sheet you were provided when you picked up your foster. 

Starting Saturday, March 28 all onsite medical appointments will take place at 71 Oglethorpe St. NW in our medical center. In order to minimize human to human contact we will have two appointment types:

Telemedicine - to be used for any foster animal experiencing symptoms of illness.

  • You will be sent a link in your appointment confirmation email that will allow you to connect with our medical staff during your scheduled appointment time.
  • If your foster requires medication or medical supplies a medical staff member will direct you on when and where you will be able to pick-up these items.
  • If your foster requires an onsite exam, medical staff will provide you with the next steps to accomplish this.

Vaccine Appointments - to be used for any foster animal requiring vaccines and/or dewormer

  • These appointments will be onsite at our 71 Oglethorpe St NW facility.
  • When you schedule the appointment you will be sent instructions on how we will be eliminating humane to human contact during these appointments.

The following foster medical needs can also be met at our Oglethorpe St NW facility:

  • Picking up foster medication.
  • Picking up flea/tick and heartworm medication.
  • Foster medical sample drop-offs.