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Medical Emergency

If a foster urgent appointment is not available or your issue cannot wait until the next available appointment, call the front desk at 202-723-5730. There is a veterinarian on call 24 hours a day for emergencies. The Front Desk staff will triage the issue with them and get back to you with the next steps. 

Your Foster Animal is Lost  

Call the front desk immediately at 202-723-5730 if your foster animal goes missing. Next, email the Foster Program Manager and cc your Case Manager with URGENT: Lost Foster Animal in the subject line. Include the animal’s name and A# in your email. Your foster's A# can be found on the paperwork sent home with them. Once we have that information, we will activate the Missing Animal Response Team (MART). These teams almost always find our lost animals, particularly when they can start the search quickly, so it’s important to call as soon as you know your foster animal is missing.

A Bite

A bite is when an animals' teeth cause punctures that break the skin on a person or another animal. If a bite occurs involving your foster animal call the front desk at 202-723-5730Next email the Foster Program Manager and cc Dispatch at [email protected], as well as your Case Manager. In the subject line include URGENT: Bite with the animal’s name and A#. Your foster's A# can be found on the paperwork sent home with them. After that, HRA staff will reach out to you with information about the next steps.  

A Personal Emergency

We have an amazing community of foster families that help each other when people have to go out of town or need help caring for a foster animal. If time allows, reach out to the foster listserv and Facebook groups to ask if someone can fostersit for your foster animal. Most people find a sitter through our foster community.

In the unlikely event that no one can care for your foster while you are away, please notify the foster department. If you have an emergency during a time that foster staff can not be reached, you may drop your foster off at 1201 New York Avenue NE. Please let the shelter staff know if you would like to pick your foster up upon your return. 

While you are away, we will continue to prepare your foster for adoption and place him on the adoption floor. If your foster hasn't been adopted by the time you return, we encourage you to pick him up from the shelter and continue to foster until adoption. If your foster found his forever home while you were away it means you've done great work as a foster parent and we hope you'll sign up on deck to foster again.