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Classes and Rates

About Our Classes

The Humane Resue Alliance offers dog training at very competitive rates. Our qualified and experienced staff can help guide you and your pet through the common behavior problems and challenges that may face new pet owners. Additional information about available classes listed below.

  • Reactive Dog—Foundation Classes: $300
  • Six Week Classes: $210
  • Three Week Mini-Series: $105
  • Four Week Mini-Series: $140
  • One Hour Workshops: $35

Discounts are available for new HRA adopters, active duty military, first responders and income qualified registrants. Please contact the Behavior and Training Office at [email protected] or (202)375-7744 for more information.


Puppy Kindergarten & Playtime

Give your puppy a head start by signing up for puppy kindergarten or puppy playtime. These classes are for puppies 10- 6 months old, on open enrollment schedules. The earlier you get started, the better as this is a critical time in your puppy’s development with new people and other dogs.  Puppies will be taught foundation skills such as attention, sit, down, come and leave it. Topics such as housetraining, chewing and jumping will be discussed. All surfaces are sanitized for your puppy’s protection.

“This class was a  great start for our pup. He has improved every week and it took away a lot of guessing in terms of training.”
Joe — Puppy Kindergarten

Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced Manners

Teach your dog to listen to you and focus on you in distracting, real-life situations. All skills taught in Basic Manners are strengthened through training in increasingly difficult situations in our higher-level classes.

Reactive Dog I and II

This set of classes is for dogs that bark, growl and/or lunge at other dogs on a leash. If you would like to teach your dog to be friendlier and more accepting of other dogs, these classes will help you and your dog get there. As your dog masters basic skills, you will be able to engage them in other types of activities around dogs, building and proofing their skills, and helping them enjoy and be calm around other dogs.

“I would 100 percent recommend this training class without reservation. Made a huge difference in our dogs behavior and well-being. Excellent resource and totally worth every second.”
Joseph & Erica A. & Penny

Dog Sports: Scent games and Agility

In these classes, your dog will learn fun, foundational games to search on cue or run agility courses. These popular dog sports enable you to wear your dog out and they are ideal for active dogs, dogs with physical limitations or anyone who wants to have fun with their dog.

“Like every other teacher I've had at HRA, they are experts, kind, and fun. No wonder my dog loves this place!”
Richard S. – Agility for Fun

Workshops & Mini-Series:

HRA's one-hour workshops and 4-week mini-series give you the quick and dirty training techniques to fit your busy schedule, or focus on the most important skills necessary for specific situations. We offer mini-series workshops including:

  • Loose Lesh Walking/Reliable Recall
  • Introduction to Nose Work (Sniff This, Eat That!)
  • No Jumping 
  • impulse control (Settle Down Now)
  • Intermediate Manners (Proof Positive)
  • Basic Manners for Reactive Dogs

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