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Canadian Geese

There are Canadian Geese everywhere, how do I get rid of them?

Canadian Geese are migratory and therefore protected by the Migratory Bird Act.

Canadian Geese become defensive when humans or other animals approach their nests from March to May. If geese become aggressive you can use an umbrella to place a barrier between you and the birds. If they are protecting a nest near a door or place that people have to pass by, you can place a visual barrier between the nest and where the attacks are happening such as a bed sheet.

To stop geese from defecating in your yard, use motion detecting sprinklers to scare them. Water guns and air horns can also be used to mildly harass geese that are not nesting from June through February.

Never feed geese, as it will reward geese that approach humans. The geese may also become aggressive if they approach a person who is unwilling to feed them.


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