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The Top 10 Cat Names of 2021

You’ve finally found the perfect feline addition to your family, but now it’s time to choose the perfect name. It’s important that your cat’s name suits them, and you may need a little time to discover their personality before you decide. As cats are increasingly perceived as members of a family, as they should be, cat and human names seem to overlap more and more. When you’re ready to name your new cat, a good place to start is with a list of popular baby names and move on to names of popular celebrities. If you find you need a little extra inspiration, read on to discover our top cat names of 2021.

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Top Male Cat Names

1. Oliver 

He was a cute cat in “Oliver & Company,” so he’ll be the cutest cat in your home. Oliver is also one of the top baby names year after year, so if you don’t know any feline Olivers, you may know a few human ones.

2. Charlie

Studies show that cats respond to the “ee” sound, and Charlie sure is a cute name for a cat. While this name has dropped off of human lists in the last few decades, cat parents have sure picked up the slack. 

3. Max

We all know a cat, dog, or kid named Max, and that’s because this name has so much to offer! It's regal, popular, and easy for your little ones to say. Honorable mention goes to Maximus and Maximilian. 

4. Simba

It’s no surprise that even 25 years (yes, 25) later, the Lion King is still capturing the hearts of Disney lovers everywhere. Simba is the king of Pride Rock, just like your cat will be the king of your household. 

5. Tiger or Tigger

Perfect for an orange cat, or one with a few stripes, the name Tiger pays homage to the cat’s close relative. Cat parents love to put a spin on this one and choose the extroverted character in “Winnie the Pooh” instead. 


Top Female Cat Names

1. Luna

Meaning “moon” in many languages, your Luna is sure to be a goddess, just like in Roman mythology. This name is popular for mysteriously beautiful gray cats who resemble a ray of moonshine. 

2. Bella

While also a popular name for a cat’s canine playmate, Bella means beautiful and is the perfect word to describe your new cat. Either that, or because it’s associated with the main character from the Twilight series.

3. Lucy

Ideal for a pale furred kitty, Lucy means born at dawn, daylight, and shiny or light complexion. This is another name ending with the “ee” sound, and may make your kitty pay attention when called. 

4. Cleo

This royal name is short for the legendary female ruler of Egypt, Cleopatra. Funny enough, Egyptians worshipped cats, which makes this nickname understandably popular for cat parents.

5. Oreo

As a classic name for a black and white cat, this one pops up year after year. Your cat is destined to be as sweet as milk’s favorite cookie. 

Once you’ve decided on the perfect name for your new addition, you’re well on your way to being the perfect cat parent. Enjoy your new feline friend!



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