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Sophie's Fund: Providing Critical Care to Animals in Need

Earlier this month Jamal was found painfully limping along busy New York Avenue in Northeast DC and brought to the Humane Rescue Alliance for help.

When our medical staff examined Jamal, they discovered his left rear femur was severely fractured. Bones were broken and out of alignment, and could not have healed on their own. Repairing it required complex and costly surgery, estimated at about $4,000. 

During surgery, it was discovered that Jamal's hip was also dislocated. Untreated, he would have suffered arthritis and chronic pain. Even though this additional repair cost more than estimated, we kept going to give this sweet two-year-old pup the best quality of life possible.  

We were able to do our all for Jamal because of HRA's Sophie’s Fund, a donor-supported fund for emergency medical care. Every day, the HRA team makes treatment decisions surrounding animals with urgent medical needs. Having financial resources available through Sophie’s Fund allows us to provide advanced emergency medical attention for animals who come into our care.

With your support, we can help Jamal and other animals in need like him, and give them a second chance to live the life they deserve. Thanks to your generosity, we can continue to make funds available for emergency treatments via this critically-needed fund.

To help us relieve the suffering and improve the lives of animals in desperate need of extensive medical care, please make a donation to Sophie’s fund today.


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