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Six animals seized in NW DC animal cruelty investigation

A Humane Rescue Alliance investigation into suspected animal cruelty in NW DC led to the seizure of one adult dog, four puppies, and one cat today under a search and seizure warrant obtained by HRA Humane Law Enforcement Officers. Officers also found a deceased guinea pig.

The investigation began when HRA dispatchers received a complaint from a member of the public alleging a man picked up at least one dog by the neck and repeatedly punched the animal in the abdomen. Moments later, a second caller alleged they witnessed a man beating two dogs in the same manner described in the initial complaint. The description of the man from both witnesses matched.

“Anyone capable of such a heinous act of cruelty is a truly dangerous person,” said Chris Schindler, vice president of Field Services at the Humane Rescue Alliance. “We’ll continue to investigate this case to seek justice for the animals and to ensure the safety of the entire community."

The case remains under investigation, as HRA continues to seek out the location of two adult dogs reported to live on the 1300 block of Nicholson St. NW. One dog is described as a grey and white pit bull-type dog and the other is described as a black and brown brindle pit bull-type dog. Anyone with information as to their possible whereabouts is asked to call 202-723-5730, option 1.

The animals seized are in the care of HRA, where they will be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian and receive any necessary medical treatment.


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