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Seventeen pigeons rescued from Northeast D.C. home

Seventeen pigeons were seized from a Northeast D.C. home this evening after it was discovered the birds were being housed in unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

At the request of the Metropolitan Police Department and DC Fire and EMS, the Humane Rescue Alliance was called to the 1800 block of North Capitol St. NE to seize 17 pigeons.

On scene, animal control investigators and humane law enforcement officers with HRA observed the animals cramped in small cages and living in deplorable conditions. A veterinarian with HRA was on scene and noted that many of the animals appeared to be in good condition, but some will require additional medical attention.

“I am thankful we were able to come to the aid of these animals today and look forward to starting them on their journey toward better lives,” said Chris Schindler, vice president of field services at the Humane Rescue Alliance. “We are proud to collaborate with other District agencies to help the animals and people of our community.”

The pigeons are in the care of HRA, where they will be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian and receive any necessary medical treatment.


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