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Disaster Preparedness: Working Together to Save More Lives

The Humane Rescue Alliance has a long history of welcoming homeless animals from threatened areas and deploying our staff to support impacted communities in times of need. As storms grow more frequent and severe, the Humane Rescue Alliance is becoming a key player in emergency pet rescues. To handle this dramatic uptick in rescue calls, our team of 21 emergency responders received swiftwater technical certification this month after a week-long, intensive training to prepare them to rescue animals from hurricanes, floods, and other extreme weather situations. 

This means, that when needed, our team will be ready to respond in a moment’s notice to make sure animals survive and stay with their families. But we wouldn’t be able to say yes without the support of our community. 

Together, with our generous donors we raised $50,000 to purchase swift water rescue equipment and $127,038 in total to support this lifesaving work year round as part of our December 2019 Giving Tuesday campaign. In addition, we received a generous grant from the Humane Society of the United States to support this life-saving work.

We’ve all seen the terrifying photos and videos that follow these superstorms—people’s entire homes submerged in water or swept away entirely. Sometimes their pets are all these families have left—and as an organization whose mission is uplifting the human-animal bond, HRA is committed to saving and reuniting precious pets with their owners. 

The Mid-Atlantic region, where HRA’s five shelters are located, is no exception. With nearly 500 miles of coastline, it is essential we be prepared for a disaster and that we support other organizations’ efforts to prepare and respond.

Thank you to those donated and who continue to support the life-saving work of HRA. Your commitment will enable our rescue teams to deploy at a moment’s notice, and give hope to families faced with disaster.


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