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Ray Noll, Humane Rescue Alliance Field Services Chief and Longtime Animal Welfare Professional Has Died

The Washington, DC community has lost a long time public servant and the animals of the nation’s capital have lost a champion. Ray Noll, Vice President of Field Services for the Humane Rescue Alliance, passed away Thursday at the age of 55.   

“Ray Noll’s impact on our city and our organization is immeasurable,” said Humane Rescue Alliance President and CEO Lisa LaFontaine. “His death is unimaginable to us and is an incalculable loss to our organization. Ray was responsible for saving the lives of literally thousands of animals, personally and through our programs. He was a respected and beloved leader of HRA and his death is devastating to our team.”

Noll led the Animal Control and Humane Law Enforcement divisions for HRA, including animal control officers, animal control investigators, humane law enforcement officers, dispatchers, and wildlife specialists. Noll’s dedicated team served the 600,000 residents and 1.9 million annual visitors of Washington, DC, responding to more than 12,000 calls for assistance each year. Those calls included care for sick or injured wild animals, dogs running loose and cases of animal abuse and neglect.

Noll, who joined the Humane Rescue Alliance (then the Washington Humane Society) five years ago as the Director of Animal Control Field Services, brought unmatched qualifications to his position. Experience as an EMT, longtime humane law enforcement officer, and K-9 officer complemented his love of all animals, making him an ideal candidate to lead the Field Services division when he arrived.

Prior to joining HRA, Noll was the Chief of Special Police at the World Bank, continuing a career in law enforcement and emergency management that began 13 years ago.  

A native of New Jersey, Noll is survived by his two children, Samantha and RJ, and his girlfriend Lori Mayer.


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