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Q&A with Dr. Megan McAndrew

Join Dr. Megan McAndrew, HRA’s vice president of medical operations, for a community conversation and Q&A about how HRA is working with health officials and community stakeholders to monitor, plan, and respond to the COVID-19 crisis and how to keep your pets and family safe based on the latest information and guidance.


  • Should infected individuals avoid contact with pets?
  • What about asymptomatic carriers? Can we pose a threat for our pets even if we don't have symptoms?
  • Should we be bathing our dogs more?
  • How can we minimize risk and prepare? 
  • How can we help?
  • Should we not allow anyone to touch our dog while we are out walking the dog?
  • What is a "fomite" and how can I protect myself and I pets?
  • What if I get sick? Can I continue to care for my pet? Can a neighbor or friend help?
  • What does "quarantine" mean for the animal? Can they go outside?


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