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Puerto Rico Dogs Find New Home in DC

After several months of planning, the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) was thrilled to receive seven dogs from transfer partner Barks of Hope in Puerto Rico. The dogs traveled 1,500 miles as part of HRA's Shelter Animal Relief Effort (ShARE). ShARE brings together animal welfare organizations to give every adoptable animal the opportunity to be placed in a loving, permanent home.

Animal welfare in Puerto Rico has long been a concern to both natives and visitors, with the estimated stray population to be more than 100,000. Due in part to economic hardship and a lack of veterinary services, the island has become overridden with homeless and neglected animals.

The transport of animals from overcrowded shelters across the country as well as area organizations, enables HRA to make a difference both locally and nationwide. In 2016 HRA took in more than 700 animals as part of the successful ShARE program and remains committed to increasing the number of lives saved and improving the outcomes for all at-risk animals.

Watch: Puerto Rico Pups Arrive in DC

Watch, as dogs from Puerto Rico arrive at our Oglethorpe Street adoption center. All of of the dogs have since settled in nicely to their new environment and March, a two-year-old Labrador mix, already has an adoption application!

After several months in the making, we... - Humane Rescue Alliance | Facebook

After several months in the making, we were thrilled to welcome dogs from Puerto Rico yesterday. The pups traveled 1,500 miles from our transfer partner Barks of Hope. Find all available animals on our website at humanerescuealliance.org/adopt.


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