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HRA Veterinarian Supports the Spayathon for Puerto Rico

Last week, Humane Rescue Alliance veterinarian, Dr. Jackie Hathaway, was on the ground supporting the second round of Spayathon for Puerto Rico, in partnership with The Humane Society of the United States. This ambitious project is aiming to provide free spay/neuter and vaccination services to 30,000 dogs and cats over 12 months. The first round in June helped 5,600 dogs and cats, with a goal of assisting 8,000 animals, in eight clinics across the commonwealth, in round two. 

Spayathon Puerto Rico

Spayathon for Puerto Rico

A local basketball arena was converted into a massive surgery and recovery area, where the clinic team performed between 150-200 surgeries per day. 

“Our clinic location alone spayed and neutered 1,134 animals in seven days,” said Dr. Hathaway. “I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity, through HRA, to participate in the Spayathon for Puerto Rico. We can feel progress being made, but there is still much more work to do!”

Spayathon for Puerto Rico

Spayathon for Puerto Rico


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