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Pride is Picking Up

It’s easy to agree that educated pet owners who clean up after their animals are critical components of a pet-friendly city. Today, the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA), Washington, DC, and Mars Petcare launched “Pride is Picking Up,” a program to encourage pet owners to clean up after their animals. 
“Pride is Picking Up” is part of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s ongoing Clean City Initiative, designed to make Washington, DC a cleaner, safer place to live. The campaign is also part of the Mars BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program, which provided funding for the effort.

“We are thrilled to launch ‘Pride is Picking Up’ today,” said HRA Chief Communications Officer David M. Smith. “DC residents will begin seeing this on social media promoting the initiative throughout the District, as we are focused on educating pet owners about responsible pet ownership. With Mayor Bowser’s initiative, this is a perfect time to launch this program.”
“DC residents love our dogs, but when we don't clean up after them we know our neighbors don't like the mess left behind,” said Julie Lawson, Director, Mayor’s Office of the Clean City. “As we expand our efforts to engage our residents in keeping DC clean, safe, and healthy, we are thrilled to team up with partners who can really help us connect with dog owners, making DC great for people and for our pets.”
The program includes an educational messaging campaign focused on encouraging the public to enjoy the city with their companion dog responsibly, including picking up waste and instilling good pet behavior. Ten pet amenity stations wrapped with educational messaging will be placed in key locations in the city. This will be a pilot concept with an eye toward potential expansion across the city. The amenity stations will include waste bags for pets.
“We know that 82% of mayors across the country agree that providing pet-friendly amenities can have an overall positive economic impact on their community,” said Brad Figel, Vice President of North America Public Affairs for Mars, Incorporated and a 30 year resident of DC. “The work the District is doing to encourage responsible pet ownership and provide amenities for Washington, DC residents to clean up after their pets, are great examples of commitments we hope to see from all cities to create more pet-friendly amenities and policies for residents.”


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