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Operational changes at the DC Health Animal Care and Control Facility operated by the Humane Rescue Alliance

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, residents across the District have enthusiastically adopted, fostered, donated and otherwise cared for animals in need.

When the Humane Rescue Alliance had to move its animals from its shelters and into foster homes in the wake of COVID-19, the organization was overwhelmed by the positive response from the community. Since March, nearly 2,500 people have signed up to become foster parents for HRA, and more than 2,000 animals have found loving homes through its virtual adoption program.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, HRA has been able to expand the services provided to the community to meet people and pets where they are, in their neighborhoods and in the safety of their living rooms. HRA has prioritized community-based solutions and services, including expanding its pet pantry locations and offering virtual adoptions, remote behavior and training classes, and veterinary telemedicine support.

The success HRA has experienced with increasing its capacity to house more animals in foster homes in response to COVID-19 has allowed the organization to transition many of its services into the community and consolidate others to its 71 Oglethorpe St. NW location; thus, reducing services at DC Health’s Animal Care and Control Facility on New York Ave. NE.

HRA, through its contract with DC Health, will continue providing the same excellent standard of care our community relies on 24/7, 365 days a year, now at its Oglethorpe St. NW location. Only a few, limited services will remain at the New York Ave NE location. Whether you have an animal emergency or need to drop off a stray animal, you can reach HRA around the clock at 202-723-5730.

The following operational changes are effective immediatly:

  • Lost or stray animals: If you encounter a lost or stray animal, please report it to HRA: 202-723-5730. HRA’s dispatch team will advise you about the best course of action. More information is available here.
  • Reuniting lost pets: If you have lost your pet, please call 202-723-5730 to file a lost report. Be prepared to provide our staff with a detailed description of your pet, including where your pet was last seen, color of collar and type of identification tags. Please also check humanerescuealliance.org/lost-found, where photos of found pets are posted in real time. You can also file a lost report online.
  • Rehoming a pet: To ensure compliance with social distancing guidelines, please call 202-723-5730 to schedule an appointment to surrender your pet at HRA’s Oglethorpe St. NW facility. Visit humanerescuealliance.org/surrender-your-pet to learn more about alternatives to surrendering your pet, as well as the surrender process.
  • Animal control: Animal care and control will continue to serve the community 24/7, 365 days a year. For animal emergencies, call 202-723-5730.
  • Adoptions: HRA will continue with virtual adoption services. Visit humanerescuealliance.org/adopt to view our adoptable animals and learn more about the virtual adoptions process. Adoptions will no longer be conducted from its New York Ave. NE facility.
  • Owner-requested euthanasia: HRA is proud to assist our community through every aspect of pet ownership, including compassionate end-of-life services, which we provide without a required fee.

    If you feel your pet needs to be put to sleep, please call 202-723-5730 to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs at our Oglethorpe St. NW location.

    If you are unable to get to HRA’s Oglethorpe St. NW location, owner-requested euthanasia is available on an emergency basis at its New York Ave. NE location. Please call 202-723-5730 in advance.

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