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Nationals Star Max Scherzer Stars in Humane Rescue Alliance Public Service Announcement

“Every Rescue Animal Has a Story”

The Humane Rescue Alliance has enlisted the assistance of an All-Star to encourage the public to adopt rescue animals. Washington Nationals All-Star and two-time Cy Young award winner Max Scherzer and adoptable dog “Glee” star in the public service announcement, which will debut this week.

The public service announcement was recorded at HRA’s Oglethorpe Street Adoption Center this spring. During the video, Scherzer explains to viewers that every rescue animal has a story and describes Glee’s journey from the streets of Birmingham to an overcrowded Alabama shelter and finally to the Humane Rescue Alliance. Scherzer explains that rescue animals are often simply the victims of bad luck, but they have “lots of love to give” and he encourages the public to be a part of a rescue animal’s story.

“Max –and Glee– did an outstanding job in this PSA and we’re thrilled that Max has volunteered his time to help us tell one of the many great stories we have here at HRA,” said Lisa LaFontaine, President and CEO of HRA. “Professional athletes have a unique public platform, and when they are willing to speak up for the less fortunate—in our case, homeless animals—it can be very powerful.”

Animal welfare and pet adoption are important issues for Scherzer and his wife, who currently have four adopted dogs. Erica Scherzer currently serves on HRA’s board of directors.

“Animals – and especially rescue animals – are an important part of our lives,” said Scherzer. “My wife Erica and I are proud to work with the Humane Rescue Alliance to help find homes for the dogs and cats that so desperately need them. Taping this PSA with Glee was a lot of fun, and we’re especially ecstatic that Glee has since found her forever home here in the city.”

Shortly after the taping of the PSA, Glee, who was five months old at the time, was adopted by her forever family in Washington, DC.

The Scherzer-HRA PSA will be the first in a series featuring professional athletes from Washington, DC telling the stories of HRA adoptable pets.


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