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Humane Rescue Alliance Responds to Steve Bannon's Dogfighting Comments

In response to Steve Bannon’s description of the “Gameness” curriculum he has been pursuing in Italy, which he outlined on the June 9 episode of “Axios on HBO,” Lisa LaFontaine, President and CEO of the Humane Rescue Alliance, issued the following response:

“Bannon’s comments about ‘gameness’ are grossly out of line with the values of the hundreds of millions of Americans who love and appreciate animals. Dogfighting is a barbaric blood sport, with the victims enduring unimaginable pain and suffering as entertainment for the sadistic. Casually referring to an animal having her arm chewed off after being forced into a dogfight in an attempt to be clever or glib is beyond deplorable.

At the Humane Rescue Alliance, we have a zero tolerance policy for dogfighting, and are committed to putting an end to this cruelty in the District and beyond.”


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