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Humane Rescue Alliance Partners with Puerto Rico Shelter as part of National Sister Shelter Project

The Humane Rescue Alliance is traveling to Puerto Rico this week to visit with its “sister shelter,” Centro de Control de Animales de Carolina, to provide mentorship, support and hands-on problem solving and skill sharing. HRA’s Chief Operating Officer Stephanie Shain and Vice President for Strategic Operations Beau Archer traveled to Puerto Rico Tuesday to begin work with the shelter.

HRA staff at Puerto Rico Sister Shelter

In an effort to assist overwhelmed animal shelters in Puerto Rico, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Maddie’s Fund established the Sister Shelter Project to pair each shelter with a thriving shelter in stateside U.S. Other participating shelters are located in Oregon, Colorado, Virginia, California, Massachusetts, Texas, New York and New Jersey.
“As one of 11 U.S. shelters selected by HSUS and Maddie's Fund to participate in this program, we are very proud to represent the outstanding staff of the Humane Rescue Alliance in this venture,” said Shain. “We know that our sister shelter, Centro de Control de Animales de Carolina, shares our passion for caring for animals and we are looking forward to working closely with them to share best practices and identify ways we can assist them in overcoming the tremendous challenges they face.”

HRA staff pose with Maddie's Fund cutout
This is the first time a program like the Sister Shelter Project will be carried out on this scale. It will set a precedent where rural and underserved communities in all states have resources and support from strong, knowledgeable animal shelters and animal welfare professionals.
“Our staff at HRA has developed proven and effective policies, procedures and techniques in the field of animal shelter management, animal care and adoption and we are anxious to share these with our sister shelter,” said Archer. “We look forward to being a strong resource for Centro de Control de Animales de Carolina as they tackle their unique challenges.”

The project is part of a larger program of The HSUS called Humane Puerto Rico. The HSUS has been working in Puerto Rico to address the crisis of a staggering 250,000 street dogs and embed animal welfare into the fabric of the commonwealth. 


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