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Humane Rescue Alliance Announces Launch of Blue Collar Cats Program

The Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) has launched the Blue Collar Cats Program, an initiative developed to find alternative opportunities for outdoor cats, or “community cats,” to live – and work – in our community. HRA is soliciting area companies that may have, or potentially have, rodents interfering with their business and matching them with a cat that will make that business their ‘home,’ patrolling the surroundings to keep rodents at bay.

“Prior to Blue Collar Cats, cats who have had little to no human interaction, and therefore were unsocialized and likely not the ideal adoption candidate, had few options,” said Lauren Lipsey, HRA Vice President of Community Programs. “Now, through this program’s collaboration with local businesses and homeowners, we are able to save even more animals and support their right to a long and fruitful life.”

Humane Rescue Alliance Blue Collar Cat Oreo“Previously homeless and unemployed, Oreo was brought to me as a rescue outdoor cat. After a few weeks of acclimation in his crate, he was released and now happily patrols my back deck area for rats. I haven't seen a sign of rats in weeks. Rats used to cross my deck at night - I'd like to see them try that now!
Eva R., DuPont Circle

The cats selected for this program have shown no characteristics typical of what our adopters expect in a companion animal and are not adoptable. Since they’re not ideal pets but do a great job at deterring and controlling rodents, HRA will put them to work in local businesses to control the rodent population. Added benefits for working with Blue Collar Cats: Blue Collar Cats are a cleaner alternative to toxic pesticides; they are less expensive, and more effective in addressing the rodent problem. But perhaps the best benefit:  these businesses are saving the life of a cat that may have no other option.  

There are no upfront costs for businesses. All cats have been spayed/neutered, microchipped, eartipped, and vaccinated against rabies and feline distemper. The business’s responsibility is to provide daily food and clean water, shelter, and basic care throughout the cat’s lifetime.

Blue Collar Cat Tamale at City BikesAfter trying every deterrent in the book, we went old school and hired a couple of rescue cats. I can only presume the 24-hour presence of our security guards, Tamale and Melora, have turned our shop into a forbidden zone for rats. Also, folks really dig being greeted by our cats when they enter the shop!
City Bikes, Adams Morgan

Businesses and homeowners that participate in the program will be assisted by HRA Community Cat specialists during the introduction of the cat to her new environment. Curious to see if you might have a place where a Blue Collar Cat can be put to work? Visit www.bluecollarcats.org to learn more and sign up to receive additional information.

The creative campaign for Blue Collar Cats was created on a pro bono basis by RP3 Agency, a branding and creative firm in Bethesda, Maryland. RP3 developed the Blue Collar Cats name and designed a DC-centric campaign focusing on posters and collateral that feature a take on the historic “go-go” music-themed posters and placards that were prevalent throughout Washington, DC and surrounding areas during the height of go-go’s popularity.


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