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HRA’s Transport Program Says Yes to Animals in Need 

Extreme weather and a surge of animals has recently left countless animals in need across the country. Last week, HRA took in 26 animals ahead of Hurricane Florence, and today 22 more dogs arrived from the Louisiana SPCA. 

The dogs traveled 1,000 miles as part of HRA's Shelter Animal Relief Effort (ShARE). ShARE brings together animal welfare organizations to give every adoptable animal the opportunity to be placed in a loving, permanent home.

Humane Rescue Alliance Transport Arrival

HRA is stretching our resources to shelter the surge of homeless animals in need. Our adoptions counselors, foster team, and volunteers are taking extraordinary measures to help each animal that comes through our doors. In addition, our medical, behavior, and animal care teams are working hard to meet the needs of the recent influx of dogs and cats at HRA. 

The transport of animals from overcrowded shelters across the country as well as area organizations, enables HRA to make a difference both locally and nationwide. In 2018, HRA has taken in hundreds of animals as part of the successful ShARE program and remains committed to increasing the number of lives saved and improving the outcomes for all at-risk animals.

Humane Rescue Alliance Transport Arrival

With your support we can continue this life-saving work and do even more going forward. Thinking about adopting, visit the Humane Rescue Alliance adoption centers today. If you can't adopt, please consider making a donation to help us cover the cost of this major undertaking. 


Humane Rescue Alliance Transport Arrival


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