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HRA's Safe Haven Program Helps Pets of Domestic Violence

In homes where there is domestic abuse, it’s not just the people who are at risk; animals are often targeted as well. HRA's Director of Humane Law Enforcement, Zita Macinanti, discusses the Safe Haven program and how the Humane Rescue Alliance offers 24/7 help for victims of domestic violence concerned about the safety of their pets.

HRA works closely with area domestic violence service providers because in case after case, people who are victims of domestic violence overwhelmingly report that their pets have also been threatened, harmed, or killed by their abuser. Domestic violence victims concerned about the safety of their animals can have their service provider call the Humane Rescue Alliance 24/7 for help. We are a resource for victims, human service agencies, and anyone else concerned about the safety of an animal in the District of Columbia.

Learn more about HRA's Safe Haven Program.


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