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HRA Seizes Two Dogs and Evidence Related to Dog Fighting in NE DC

Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) Officers executed a search warrant this morning at a residence in Northeast DC to collect evidence related to organized dog fighting. Over the course of a year at a park near the premises, several witnesses reported to HRA seeing activities consistent with the conditioning of dogs for fighting, such as strength training. HRA Officers verified at least one dog had wounds and scaring consistent with fighting. HRA also received recent reports of the use of a spring pole near the premises, devices that are suspended in the air in which dogs jump and use their mouth to hang from. Dog fighters commonly use spring poles to help boost endurance and strengthen their dog’s jaw.

These factors and reports of an actual fight prompted HRA Officers to seek the warrant. This morning two dogs with wounds and scars consistent with fighting, and an enormous amount of dog fighting paraphernalia were seized. The case remains under investigation and the dogs are in the care of HRA.

“We have a zero tolerance policy for dog fighting in the District,” said Chris Schindler, HRA's Vice President of Field Services. “Our Officers will root out this activity wherever it might be found.”


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