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HRA Rescues Bald Eagle

An injured eagle rescued in Southeast DC by Humane Rescue Alliance officers has recovered and returned to the wild.

It was an eventful start to the Fourth of July weekend for our Field Services team. Officers Phillips, Moyer, and Jesien arrived on scene Saturday, July 1 after receiving a report of an injured bald eagle in Southeast DC. The eagle was found around 4:45 p.m. Saturday, following intense rain that came with an afternoon thunderstorm, and was demonstrating labored breathing, lethargy, and was unable to fly. Our officers were able to safely capture the bald eagle and transport to City Wildlife for care.

"It was very stressed when it arrived but it stabilized very quickly and spent a quiet night at City Wildlife." said City Wildlife's Executive Director Paula Goldberg, adding that the bird was able to eat. "It was bright and alert and in good condition."

The ealge was transported to Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research, in Deleware, for continued diagnostics, care, and flight testing. After a week and a half of care it was determined the eagle was healthy enough to be returned to the wild. Read more from Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research about the details of the release.

We’re curious to see if the eagle, now banded, will come back to DC!

Watch the Eagle's Release:


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