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HRA deploys team to assist in Hurricane Ida relief efforts

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, the Humane Rescue Alliance’s disaster response team is on the ground in New Orleans ready to save lives, while our transport team is arranging the evacuation of animals from crisis to care. 

As Hurricane Ida slammed into Louisiana with 150 mph winds wreaking havoc in its path, we deployed a team of four responders to assist in disaster relief efforts. At the request of the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals (LASPCA), our team made its way through downed power lines and rubble to New Orleans and is ready to respond to emergency calls for help. 

Meanwhile, our transport team is working with our partner, Greater Good Charities, to airlift adoptable animals from local shelters in Louisiana to free up valuable space for pets who were injured and displaced by the storm. 

While the remnants of Hurricane Ida move inland and the storm loses strength, it continues to pose a danger to the South. Today, Ida is producing heavy rains in Tennessee, where just days ago a flash flood in the small town of Waverly took the lives of 20 people and destroyed more than 270 homes.


In the aftermath of the Waverly flood, the local shelter was overwhelmed with pets needing emergency sheltering. Our WayStation team stepped up to help—arranging the transport of 37 already adoptable dogs (including Lucky, seen here) to our St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey. Lucky and the other dogs are safe, being well cared for, and will soon find loving families through our adoption program. 

We are so grateful that we could help the animals and people of Waverly and New Orleans, but responding to multiple disasters in one month puts a serious drain on our resources and we need your support.

Donors like you make our lifesaving work possible and give hope to families faced with disaster. If you can, please help and donate today

The situation in Louisiana is rapidly changing. As our rescue efforts unfold, we will keep you updated here. 


UPDATE: September 1, 2021
This morning, as the remnants of Hurricane Ida swept through the Mid-Atlantic, our St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center welcomed an emergency transport of adoptable animals evacuated from Louisiana shelters. As families lost their homes or were evacuated, Louisiana shelter partners have reported an influx of pets entering their doors. Not only does transporting out animals who were in shelters prior to the storm give those animals new adoption opportunities in the Northeast, but it also helps ensure operating shelters have the capacity to care for animals who were displaced by the storm until they can be reunited with their families. Over 70 animals were on the Greater Good Charities flight from Lafayette, LA to Morristown, NJ. 

“In the animal welfare community, when disaster strikes, we’re all in it together,” said Colleen Harrington, Director of St. Hubert’s WayStation Program. “Today’s transport of animals who were already in shelters prior to the storm will allow our Louisiana partners to free up resources and space so they can help displaced pets in their communities.”

UPDATE: September 2, 2021

On Wednesday, our Disaster Response Team was responding to animal control calls in Orleans Parish when a concerned resident flagged them down, alerting them to a dog who was trapped underneath a collapsed shed. Our team and officers with the Louisiana SPCA rushed to the scene, where they found a scared dog chained inside of the shed and tangled under the debris. We suspect the dog had been stuck there – terrified in the sweltering heat with no food or water -- since the storm hit on Sunday. Our team carefully lifted the shed enough so we could guide the dog out from underneath and free him from the chain. Thankfully, and perhaps miraculously, the dog – who a young neighbor watching the rescue named Bubbles – was not injured. Once freed from the shed, Bubbles was super friendly and sweet and became almost immediately affectionate toward his rescuers. We transported him to safety at the Louisiana SPCA.

If you are with an animal control agency, humane sheltering organization or rescue group and have capacity to receive animals or provide trained/certified responders, please email the Louisiana SPCA at [email protected]. Please do not self-deploy. All requests for support will be handled through the New Orleans Emergency Operations Center.

UPDATE: September 3, 2021

Remnants of Hurricane Ida hit New Jersey Wednesday with tornadoes, record rain and flooding that left the area deluged and under a state of emergency. Our Disaster Response Team is deploying to communities throughout Northern New Jersey this morning to help animals in distress and distribute resources such as food, litter, and other pet supplies to residents in need. We have also received calls from animal shelters throughout the region who have experienced flooding and power outages. We have team members in route to those shelter to evaluate their needs and provide support. 

If you can, please help and donate today


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