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Holiday Foods Your Dog Can and Can't Eat

For many of us, this holiday season is the first time we’ve gathered with family and friends to share a meal in a long time. Pets are family, so of course we want to make sure we include them in all of the festivities. However, shelters and veterinarians often see an uptick in calls related to dogs becoming ill from eating human food during this time of year.

As we celebrate and indulge in our favorite foods, it’s important to prioritize keeping our pets safe and healthy during this season. Here are a few do’s and don’ts:

Don’t let Uncle Larry toss the dog a turkey leg. These bones can be extremely dangerous for dogs. Not only are poultry bones not digestible in your dog’s stomach, but they can also shatter and puncture the intestinal tract or get lodged in the esophagus, causing choking.

Do set aside small portions of dog-friendly human food. If you want to feed your dog a holiday meal, choose foods like turkey, green beans, potatoes, or pure pumpkin that can be added to your dog’s normal diet over the course of several days.

Don’t leave the trash unattended and within reach of curious canines. Bones and corn cobs are major choking hazards and sweets prepared with artificial sweetener known as Xylitol are highly toxic to dogs.

Do keep an eye on your dog, remind guests not to feed them from the table, and ensure that the trash is safely secured.

From all of us at the Humane Rescue Alliance, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!


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