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Franky the Cat Gets a Second Chance Thanks to the HRA Medical Team

This Thanksgiving, Franky and his family have a lot to be thankful for. Early Tuesday afternoon, his owner Reginold brought the one-year-old cat to our medical center because he hadn’t been eating, had been vomiting, and seemed lethargic. Knowing something was seriously wrong, his owner acted quickly. 

After an evaluation of his symptoms, Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) veterinarian Dr. Meg Hamilton believed Franky had eaten something and it was blocking his digestive tract. An X-Ray confirmed this theory, showing a distinguishable circle lodged in his stomach. Franky was rushed into emergency surgery, where our medical staff pulled out a penny!

“Pennies are not only dangerous because they create a blockage, but the cat’s stomach acid starts dissolving the coin and it begins to leak copper into his system,” Dr. Hamilton explained. 

While the HRA medical team was saving Franky’s life, Reginold became worried about the cost of the procedure. Thanks to the Ann Brody Cove fund, made possible by our generous supporters, Reginold, Franky, and their family will be enjoying this Thanksgiving together - happy, healthy, and penny-free. 

“I thank God for the Humane Rescue Alliance,” said Reginold. “My daughter is going to be so happy!


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