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Finn's Reunion at the Humane Rescue Alliance

Shortly after Thanksgiving, Carly was worried. Her fiancé’s two-and-a-half-year-old Great Dane, Finn, wasn’t eating and was clearly very sick. Ten days ago, his symptoms became acute and she Skyped her fiancé Ray, a Staff Sergeant serving as a Military Working Dog Handler for the US Army, who is currently deployed in Egypt. The couple’s second pup, seven-year-old Dart, is Ray's retired working dog responsible for identifying over 30 IEDs. Together, they decided she would take Finn to an emergency animal hospital near her parent’s house in Rockville, where she was staying. The prognosis was dire— Finn would require immediate surgery and the cost was prohibitive. Her worry turned to despair and she didn’t know what to do. The couple made the difficult decision to surrender Finn to the Humane Rescue Alliance.

Finn was taken to our partners at Friendship Hospital for Animals and stabilized overnight. The next day he was brought to HRA’s Medical Center where staff veterinarian Dr. Suzanne Nelson and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joshua Woolsey, performed surgery that ultimately saved Finn’s life, removing obstructions that were blocking his intestines. Finn was going to make a full recovery. Our staff called Carly with the great news that HRA could reunite them in a few days. At the reunion seen here, her fiancé was on hand via Skype and even with 5,000 miles between them the family was made whole again. Check the comments section to see photos of the happy family!


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