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Eight Famous Humane Rescue Alliance Alums You Should be Following on Instagram

We know you’ve seen them. As you scan through your Instagram feed, lots of ‘famous’ pets with their very own Instagram pages. Of course, they are very popular, eliciting “oohs and aahs” from animal lovers around the world. Not to be outdone, the Humane Rescue Alliance presents eight HRA alums you should be following on Instagram. Let’s meet them!

Baby Blue Bison

Say hello to Baby Blue Bison! This handsome boy with one blue eye and one brown eye is extremely happy in his new DC home after being adopted from our Oglethorpe Street location. Whether it’s hiking, salsa dancing, or enjoying a meal at DC’s Union Market, Bison is living it up with his new forever family. With more than 5,000 followers, Bison is quite the celebrity, so join the party and follow Bison here.


Smile, it's Monday!

A post shared by Bison (@babybluebison) on


Our next Instagram celebrity is Kiba Bunny! Representing the small mammal category, this senior bunny was rescued several years ago and adopted from our New York Avenue adoption center. Kiba’s 3,500 followers know that he absolutely loves naps, belly rubs, and his veggies! Follow Kiba here.


Feetsies on the plate! Some bunny's feeling better. 🍃🌿#everydayisveggieday

A post shared by Kiba Bunny (@kibabunny) on

Pony the Dog

Want to follow an Instagram canine celebrity with an amazing back story? Pony the Dog is happy to oblige. Pony, a beautiful tricolor pup, found himself in a den at the Oglethorpe Street adoption center. While most dogs in the shelter were listening for potential adopters coming to their door, Pony could only watch. As a deaf dog, he had to rely entirely on his vision and sense of smell to see the welcoming hand of Alé and Doug, her soon-to–be adopters. Since that cold December day, Pony has had many great adventures and has encouraged his adopters to adopt another deaf dog. Read all about Pony here and follow his Instagram account here.


Early mornings at #montrosedogbeach are my absolute favorite. #ponythedog #ponyandpuma #dogsofinsta #dogsofchicago

A post shared by Pony The Dog (@pony_the_dog) on

Layla Cardoza

Perhaps our favorite name for an Instagram account belongs to Humane Rescue Alliance alum Layla Cardoza who appears in “Pittie in Pink.” Get it? This sweet girl is eight years young and after spending time here in DC, she’s moved out to the ‘burbs of Northern Virginia with her forever family. As much as she loves snuggles, treats, and playdates, Layla lets it be known that she does NOT like rain, baths, and not being by her family’s side 24/7.  Follow Layla along with her 900 other followers here.

DC Foster Kittens

Need an absolute overload of cuteness in your life? Well, get in line with the other 1,600 Instagram followers of DC Foster Kittens! This unique entry on our list chronicles Lindsey and her foster fail and HRA alum, Jasper. Lindsey (and Jasper) have fostered lots and lots of cute kittens since his adoption. Recently, Jasper has been enjoying life with his new brother, Riley. Follow these two cute cats here.

Rogue the Leader Kitty

Okay, enough with the cuteness, lets get serious (ha!). Meet a DC kitty who absolutely LOVES boxes and, of course, naps. Rogue, a New York Avenue adoption center alum, tolerates her two humans and a little sister, Jean, who is also an HRA alum. These tri-colored cuties, with their beutiful green eyes, are a match made in heaven. Follow Rogue and sister Jean here.


Meow you doin'? #rogueleader

A post shared by Rogue Kitty (@rogueleaderkitty) on

The Sochi Stray

Remember when all of those street dogs in Sochi, Russia were uprooted for the Olympics? So does this guy. Meet Malchik. As construction began in Sochi for the Olympic village, Malchik was wandering the streets of Sochi with a broken leg. He was picked up and shipped off to the United States, and while his leg was broken, his spirit was not. Once he arrived at our Oglethorpe Street adoption center, his big personality was evident and the little guy found his forever family. Follow Malchik here and help push him to 1,000 followers! You won’t regret it!


I was adopted three years ago today! It's my Gotcha Day! (photo by @sethcasteel) #rescuedog #happy #shelterdog #streetdog #adopt #handicappedpets

A post shared by Sochi Stray — Malchik (Jimmy) (@thesochistray) on

Molly Octopus

Rounding out our famous HRA alumni Instagram celebrities is the one and only Molly Octopus! No, not really an octopus. This lovely lady had a very tough start. As a bait dog for illegal dog fighting, a loving home seemed like a never attainable dream. But this pup caught a break and was rescued. Her adopter stopped by our New York Avenue location and it was love at first sight. Now, snuggles are her absolute priority (followed by snacks of course). Molly’s story is being followed by 4,500 people, so make sure you don’t miss out! Follow Molly Octopus here.


Rocks. All the rocks. #rocks @hikingwithdogs_

A post shared by Molly Octopus (@mollyoctopus) on

So there you have it, our eight Humane Rescue Alliance alumni Instagram celebrities. Make sure you follow their stories. They have lots of entertaining to do and love to give!

Do you have any HRA alum and social media star that we should know about? Let us know at [email protected]!


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