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Eating Animals

Kim Keller, Chief Development Officer, Humane Rescue Alliance

The Washington, DC screening of the film Eating Animals was a remarkable experience for me. Like many people, I need to remind myself that food options we might take for granted are tied to the lives and deaths of real animals. 

Working at Humane Rescue Alliance, I see animals every day. Here, we regularly rejoice at adoptions and are heart-struck by animals who come to us suffering from neglect and abuse. My work is about securing support for our efforts to help more animals, and when I want to take a break, I walk down the hall to find a dog who needs an ear-rub or a kitten who is ready to play. 

Eating Animals reminded me that the dogs, cats, bunnies, and other animals who have become, in some ways, my clients and colleagues at HRA, are the same as the animals who are trapped in the factory farming system. The scale of that industry, and the wedge it drives between people and animals, is shocking. The film introduces us to people who are close to that system and who have the courage to speak out against it – providing hope that compassion can make a difference. 

Eating Animals is a film everyone who loves animals should see. It cuts through easy assumptions and urges us to put compassion first. We do that when we care for our pets, and we can summon that same response when we make choices about meals, as well.


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