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6 DIY pet costumes that will win Halloween

If you’re as obsessed with your pets as we are, you’re likely scouring the internet looking for the purrfect Halloween costumes for them. After all, they are a part of the family!

We’ve put together a list of six of our favorite DIY costumes for your pet to help inspire you as you consider what your cat, dog or even guinea pig will be this Halloween.

A tip before we get started: when dressing your pet in a costume, it’s important to consider their comfort level. While some animals are perfectly happy to wear whatever you put on them, others might not love it. We recommend starting to desensitize your pet to wearing clothing prior to Halloween or DIYing something simple for them to wear.

For pets who don’t like to wear clothing: Beanie Baby


Small dog with TY tag

Calling all 90’s babies! This DIY Beanie Baby tag is quick and easy to make AND comfortable for your pet to wear. All you need is access to a printer, glue, gold cardstock, a safety pin and string.

Step 1: Download and print the TY logo image and cut out the heart (resize the image before printing, if necessary).
Step 2: Glue the heart onto gold cardstock.
Step 3: Cut out the heart again, leaving a border of the gold cardstock.
Step 4: Punch a small hole in the tag using a safety pin or similar small, sharp object.
Step 5: Thread string through the tag and attach it to your pet’s collar.

For pop culture buffs: “Squid Game” Red Light Green Light doll

Credit: Netflix

The Red Light Green Light doll from “Squid Game” is definitely the creepiest one on our list. All you need is an orange tank top or dress and a yellow collared shirt to get the look:


Get the look from Amazon: Orange Shirt and Yellow Shirt

For basic puppuccinos & catuccinos: Pumpkin Spice Pet

This is another quick and easy costume for your dog or cat. For dogs, dress them in their favorite outerwear and pick up a special puppuccino treat off the Starbucks secret menu. For the kitty in your life, a pumpkin hat or bandana is all you need. 

Dog sitting with a Starbucks cup Black cat wearing pumpkin hat

For the sporty pet: Washington Nationals CATitude!

Natitude...more like Catitude this Halloween! This is the purrfect costume for your Nats cat who loves to get in on the 7th inning stretch. Get a pet jersey and matching Nats gear. You'll be ready for Halloween and opening day. For the pup in your life, their costume can double up for the 2022 Pups in the Park games, benefiting the Humane Rescue Alliance.

Cat wearing Washington Nationals jersey Dog wearing Washington Nationals bandana at Nationals Park


For the pet who likes it shaken, not stirred: Puptini

Repurpose that glamorous post-surgery cone into an iconic cocktail with just a few key ingredients. You’ll need: green foam floral spheres for the olives, red cardstock or a foam sheet for the olive’s pimiento, and a wooden dowel for the cocktail pick. If your pet could tell time, they would tell you it’s five o’clock somewhere!

Dog with martini costume  Dog with martini costume

Credit: Imgur and Reddit

For the wisest pet in galaxy: Yoda

Adorable fluff your pet will be. This simplistic costume is perfect for pets of all shapes, sizes and species. Some green construction paper or green felt, pipe cleaners, and tape are all that it takes to turn your pet into a legendary jedi master. 

Guinea pig with yoda ears costume Dog with yoda ears costume

Credit: Chewy and Pinterest


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