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DC resident arrested in animal cruelty case

Following a Humane Rescue Alliance investigation, Jacente Russell of Washington, D.C., was arrested on Thursday, Jan. 27 and charged with cruelty to animals for allegedly cruelly beating her dog, Sampson.

The investigation began when multiple members of the public reported a woman was allegedly physically abusing her dog with a belt. On Oct. 20, Humane Law Enforcement officers with HRA rescued Sampson from Russell’s home under a search and seizure warrant.

On scene, Sampson would cower and tremble when a person came near him, and he was avoidant of handling by rescuers. In the months since, Sampson has been recovering well in HRA’s care. He has been attention seeking and loves belly rubs, nose boops, being in your lap and head scratches.

Sampson will remain in HRA’s care at an undisclosed location as the criminal case develops.


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