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DC Resident Arrested for Cruelty to Animals

Doyle Betters of Washington, D.C., was arrested today on a warrant obtained by the Humane Rescue Alliance and charged with cruelty to animals for failing to provide proper veterinary care resulting in serious bodily injury.

HRA is on scene with the Metropolitan Police Department to assess the health and safety of the additional animals found while serving the arrest warrant.

On Aug. 16, 2019, HLE officers with HRA rescued six cats, including kittens, from unsafe and unsanitary conditions at Betters’ residence on the 4400 block of Iowa Ave. NW. The animals suffered from untreated upper respiratory infections of varying degrees and were in dire need of medical attention.

One kitten’s upper respiratory infection was so severe that it caused an ulcer in one of his eyes to develop and rupture, leaving the kitten, who rescuers named Marvin, in incredible discomfort. To ensure his comfort and happiness in the long run, HRA’s medical team was forced to remove the eye.

The investigation began following a tip from a concerned citizen about sick kittens in front of Betters’ home.


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