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Celebrating One Year as the Humane Rescue Alliance

This week marks the one-year anniversary of our new name, the Humane Rescue Alliance. One year ago we launched a new identity focused on animals, people, and community, building on two hundred and fifty years of combined experience from the Washington Humane Society and Washington Animal Rescue League. We’ve remained committed not only to protecting and advocating for the animals in our community, but also to supporting and celebrating people’s love and compassion for them.

What makes our brand truly special, is the unmatched dedication, professionalism, and passion of our staff, volunteers, and generous supporters. Without you, this work would not be possible. And although we have officially been a single entity since February 2016, October marks our first 12 months as the Humane Rescue Alliance. We’re celebrating by looking back at some of our favorite stories from our first week as HRA.

Bringing People and Animals Together

Molly came to the Humane Rescue Alliance when her owners no longer had the time to care for her. Unsure of her new surroundings, 10-year-old Molly was shut down and afraid, having only known a life in her previous home. Our behavior team quickly placed her in our Shelter Scholars program to work on her confidence. And while she made great progress, we knew this sweet senior deserved to be in a loving home where she could enjoy her golden years.

HRA alum Molly

Every adoption is a great one, but Molly’s was particularly sweet as she became the first official animal adopted from the newly renamed, Humane Rescue Alliance on October 25, 2016. Since then, Molly has been loved and adored by her new mom, who had this to say recently.

“I remember when I came to the shelter to see her, she rolled over on her back for me to rub her belly—I think that was her test on how I would be. She follows me all over the apartment, and if she’s asleep and I leave the room she comes looking for me the moment she wakes up. She a very good little girl and I’m so happy we found each other.”

Making Our Community Better for Animals and People

When District citizens need help with an animal in the community, our dedicated professionals are available 24/7. Our officers help to bring animals to safety, rescue lost pets, and provide support for the city’s diverse and abundant wildlife population.

The week of October 24, 2016 was no different with our officers hard at work rescuing a deer in distress, injured Cooper’s hawk, and a 1-month old kitten.  

Deer Rescue: Our officers arrived on scene to the report of a female deer wedged between the bars of fence in NW DC. Our officers were able to free her safely and transport to Rock Creek Park, where the deer was released to the wild.

Kitten in Distress: With the help of the Metropolitan Police Department, our officer was able to work quickly to lift a vehicle with a jack after receiving reports of a kitten stuck in the engine. The all black, 1-month-old kitten was rescued safely and has since been adopted.

Injured Cooper’s Hawk: After receiving a report of an injured bird that was believed to have flown into a window, our wildlife specialist arrived on scene and found a juvenile Cooper's hawk. The hawk was transported to City Wildlife for evaluation. After a thorough check for eye damage and flight testing, this lucky hawk was determined to be uninjured and released back into the wild!

Injured Coopers Hawk

Helping Animals Near and Far

We were thrilled to have seven dogs arrive the week of October 24, 2016 from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society as part of HRA's Shelter Animal Relief Effort (ShARE). Casey and Ike were two of the dogs who made the 750 mile journey to DC, each finding loving, new homes here in the DC area.

The transport of animals from overcrowded shelters across the country as well as area organizations, enables HRA to make a difference both locally and nationwide. In 2016 HRA took in more than 700 animals as part of the successful ShARE program and remains committed to increasing the number of lives saved and improving the outcomes for all at-risk animals.

HRA alum Ike

HRA alum Casey

Providing Affordable Veterinary Care

Keeping pets healthy at an affordable price is a top priority of our Medical Center, with our skilled medical team treating thousands of animals each year. Minnie however holds the distinction of being one of the very first patients we saw as the newly renamed, Humane Rescue Alliance. Minnie and her mom came to us a year ago this week, with 13-year-old Minnie suffering from several chronic conditions. HRA's Dr. Branson and the medical team have been diligently caring for Minnie for nearly a year, and while she continues to make progress, her sweet personality lights up the Medical Center every time she visits. Her mom reports that Minnie loves playing with her siblings Tippy (dog) and Ms. Speedy (cat) and can’t get enough of their neighborhood walks, even if her arthritis has her at a slower pace these days. Minnie is just one example of the countless animals our medical team cares for annually.

Medical Center patient Minnie


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