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Celebrating HRA Fosters

HRA's robust network of foster families take in and care for some of our community's most vulnerable animals and allow us to care for more animals in need. In April alone, HRA was able to send 112 animals into foster care, where they can relax and enjoy life in a home environment. With those animals out of the shelter, HRA was able to transfer in 57 animals from other rescue organizations, increasing their likelihood of getting adopted and saving even more lives.

HRA foster moms Hollis Lampe, Mary Ann Behme, and Abby Meltzer are just three of our hundreds of incredible fosters. Each shared their experience and reasons for fostering with us.

Abby Meltzer

If you've ever met Abby, you know that she loves kittens. Her house seems to stay full of foster kitties awaiting their new homes. And the numbers back that up: she has fostered more than 100 kittens for HRA since 2015. She says her favorite part of the process is when the kitten is old enough to go home:

"It's so great when you get to see your foster kitty grow up and learn human love and kindness, when they might not have otherwise had the opportunity. For them to be safe and see them connect with their forever home. My small piece in that brings me great joy and a sense of accomplishment to be able to give back. "

Hollis Lampe

Hollis is currently the HRA Foster Coordinator and has been fostering for us since 2017. Before she came to HRA, she fostered for several different rescue groups in her home state of Ohio. There, she gained expertise in fostering mama dogs and their puppies, as well as special needs puppies. Since she came to HRA, she has fostered 22 puppies, caring for them until they were available for adoption.

"It's an incredible feeling to know that many of these puppies were only able to survive because of our foster program and the knowledge that we've accumulated through shared experience. HRA has built a community of foster moms (and dads) that can lean on each other and learn from each animal that comes into our care. It's just wonderful to be a part of that."

Mary Ann Behme

Mary Ann has opened her heart and home to more than 50 dogs during her time volunteering for HRA. She fosters some of our most vulnerable pups: sick, unsocialized, or senior dogs. With her love and patience, these dogs are able to recover and find families who love and care for them.

"Some animals just cannot cope in a shelter setting or they have an urgent medical issue where being in a shelter is not the best situation. To bring that animal into our home and watch them relax and heal is an amazing experience."

Fosters like Abby, Mary Ann, and Hollis make it possible for the Humane Rescue Alliance to care for more animals with more complicated needs—from orphaned kittens who need round-the-clock feedings to cats and dogs for whom the shelter environment is too stressful and does not allow them to exhibit their true personalities. To learn about becoming an HRA foster, visit humanerescuealliance.org/foster.


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