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Badly Hurt Puppy Finds New Home After Long Recovery

The Humane Rescue Alliance is dedicated to caring for even the most vulnerable animals who come through our doors. Thanks to generous partners like Friendship Hospital for Animals (FHA), we are able to do just that. Two-month-old Spartacus came to HRA in March in need of immediate medical attention. He had been badly attacked by another dog and, in addition to open wounds and bruising, he had two fractured legs and lost the tip of his right ear. 

Spartacus needed surgery to repair the fractures and the staff at FHA stepped in to operate pro bono. After a successful surgery and weeks of intensive care and rehabilitation in foster care, Spartacus was gradually able to regain his range of motion, put weight on both legs, and eventually able to walk and play like a normal puppy. 

Spartacus Recovery

The Road to Recovery in Foster Care

Spartacus’ recovery would not have been possible without the medical teams at FHA and HRA, and his dedicated foster mom, Chelsea. 

“I knew Spartacus would have a long road to recovery, but it was so rewarding to see him growing stronger and healthier each day,” said Chelsea. “He endured so much in his first few months of life, and it’s incredible to see how far he’s come.”

Spartacus Recovery 

The good news doesn’t end there. After more than 10 weeks in HRA’s care, Spartacus was healthy enough to be adopted. We were thrilled to send Spartacus home with an incredible family last week!

“We are loving Sparty each day a little more, if that’s even possible,” said his new mom Augueda. “He is super loving and patient with the girls and we are lucky to have  him!”

Thank you to Friendship Hospital for Animals for making his recovery and happy ending possible, and to everyone who played a role in Spartacus’ success and adoption! 

Spartacus at home

Spartacus adoption


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