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A Good Samaritan and Donor Supported Veterinary Care Rescue Helpless Puppy

When a good Samaritan found three-month-old Sushi, she was struggling to breathe, panting through nearly-blue lips. She was lying on the side of the road, unable to move. She needed help. Luckily for Sushi, she was brought to the Humane Rescue Alliance.

HRA staff recognized the severity of her condition, and she was immediately transferred to Friendship Hospital for Animals (FHA) for emergency care. After an examination, it was found that she was likely hit by a car and had several broken ribs, severely bruised lungs, in addition to suffering from pneumonia.

Sushi was treated with IV fluids and antibiotics for pneumonia. To help her breathe, she was placed in a special tank with high levels of oxygen. Sushi was able to receive this life-saving care, totaling nearly $4,000, through HRA’s Sophie’s Fund, a donor-supported fund for emergency medical care.

Once released from FHA, Sushi was transferred to HRA to heal and grow strong. While she was with us, one of the veterinarians who worked with her at FHA couldn’t seem to get Sushi off her mind. Dr. Shani Boone adopted sweet Sushi once she became available. Now, they’re living out their Happily Ever After.

“You would never know she was in such bad shape,” Dr. Boone said. “She’s tripled in size and runs around our two acre yard every day!” Sushi and her story show the lengths HRA staff, volunteers, donors, and community will go to save the city’s most vulnerable.


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