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9 Black-Owned Business to Support This Black History Month (and all year round)

As conscious and ethical consumers, it’s our duty to support the Black community. One way to advocate for Black lives is by actively supporting Black businesses, especially those that align with your values. 

We’ve put together a list of nine incredible Black-owned brands, from cruelty-free beauty and wellness to vegan restaurants and pet accessories, where you can use your purchasing power to fight for equality and social justice. All businesses are based in or have close ties to the Washington, DC, area.


NuVegan Café
NuVegan Café, a family-owned business, is one of DC’s top spots for vegan soul food eats and casual dining. NuVegan caters to all customers, from the transitioning-to-vegan eater to the hardcore health enthusiast. Its “purpose is to serve delicious vegan food that stirs the soul and be a place for cultural community building that manifest our NuVegan values.” NuVegan Café’s website can be found here.

VeganQueenCuisine is a Black and women-owned vegan energy drink company based in Washington, DC. VeganQueenCuisine sells an all-natural energy drink called Rejuvenation, available in pineapple and apple, which helps with focus and attentiveness throughout the day. It’s available online here.

Teff & Co.
Teff & Co. is a vegan and gluten-free bakery offering a selection of cookies, cakes, pastries, donuts and breads, as well as custom orders. Owner Bethel Tsegaye started Teff & Co. to offer wholesome, nutritious and delicious baked goods and recipes with the miracle grain, teff, a gluten-free grain indegenous to Ethiopia and Eritrea. For more information about where to find Teff & Co., visit here.

Elife Restaurant, is a cafeteria-style restaurant offering fresh salads, whole plant-based entrees and side dishes, vegan desserts, juices and smoothies. Dr. Baruch Ben-Yehudah founded Everlasting Life with the idea that one should not have to leave their own neighborhood to find something healthy to eat after realizing there were only unhealthy restaurants serving his largely African American community. “Everlasting Life Restaurant is not just another vegan restaurant; it is a place of peace, hope and inspiration in the midst of a community plagued with an astounding number sick and obese residents who have been drowning in a sea of poor dietary habits for decades,” according to its website.

Self Care/Cosmetics

Warm Embers Candle Co.
Warm Embers Candle Company was founded in 2020 as a passion project by Dee Britt. Driven by her joy for small luxuries and the need for clean, natural home products, Dee sought out the best ingredients that offered the most luxurious notes and clean results. Warm Embers Candle Co. candles are crafted with premium, highly concentrated essential and fragrance oils. The luxury collection is free of dyes, phthalates, propellants and other synthetic ingredients known to be toxic when burned. Each candle is blended with high-quality vegan coconut wax, ensuring the candles have a long lasting luxurious fragrance throw. You can shop the full collection of candles, including “Stress Who?,” “Triggered,” and “Unicorn Tears” here

The Wellness Apothecary
After years in the pharmaceutical industry, Tayiana Reed started The Wellness Apothecary to pursue her passion for non-toxic beauty and wellness. The Wellness Apothecary develops clean and natural personal care products to elevate your self care. All products, including body butter, beard oil, lip balms and calming bath salts, are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and eco-friendly. Shop the apothecary here.

Unearthed Awakening
Unearthed Awakening is a Black and woman-owned company offering hand-poured soy and coconut wax candles made from natural ingredients. Every candle is 100% vegan and receives energetically-charged healing crystals to help support you on your journey, including energy of love, abundance, protection, success and white light. Shop the collection online.

Pet Accessories 

Beaux & Paws by Sir Darius Brown
Sir Darius Brown is a powerhouse teen social entrepreneur, speaker, shelter pet advocate, philanthropist, a recipient of the Global Child Prodigy Award and founder and CEO of Beaux & Paws, where he designs and creates handmade, stylish bow ties. Beaux & Paws is a pet accessories and lifestyle brand with a mission to give back to shelter pets. Sir Darius Brown designs and creates bow ties with a “Buy One Give One Promise.” For every bow tie purchased, Sir Darius donates a bow tie to a shelter pet so they can look dapper and adorable, helping them get seen and adopted by new families. Shop Beaux & Paws here.

Lenox Ave
Lenox Avenue is a bold brand focused on providing vibrant, quality and clean products for you and the pet you love, with the goal of creating stylish accessories for both you and your furry friend. All products, ranging from leashes to face masks and even matching sets, are handcrafted and made with love in the DMV. Owners Chloe, DeAnna and Manny jokingly came up with the idea to launch a business during the pandemic, with the ultimate goal of redirecting their pent-up energy into something positive. In no time they went from concept to reality. The collection is available for purchase online.


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